Paul & Dawna

R & D have been ministering since 2001. R was born and raised in the Philippines and in 1983 immigrated to Canada where he eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He also has a Master's of Divinity, majoring in Intercultural Ministries. D was born and raised in Vancouver and has her Bachelor's or Religious Education. They have worked as Field Leaders in an administrative and pastoral capacity for the C&MA, are involved in strategic development and ministry coordination and are a part of the Leadership Facilitation Team of the Workers Network. Both R and D have a passion to preach the Gospel, church plant, and serve the most neglected peoples in their region. They have 2 kids, Mitch, who is married to Caylen and living in Lynchburg, Virginia, and Kirsten, who lives in Calgary. Click here for more about Rahul & Dawna.