Friends in English

We have thirteen (13) ESL Classes this Fall! All classes are free. No previous registration is required. For more information, CLICK HERE to download our ESL Classes Brochure.

ESL Classes:

  • JobTalk Employment Class
    Sunday Mornings, Starts Sunday September 15 @ 9AM
  • Project Confidence Speaking Class
    Sunday Mornings, Starts Sunday October 27 @ 9am
  • Immigrant Transitions Class
    Sunday Mornings, Starts Sunday November 17 @ 9am
  • Conversation Class
    Friday Mornings @ 11am
  • Conversation Club
    Thursday Evenings @ 7pm
  • ESL 1, 2, 3, and 4 Classes
    Saturday Evenings, Starts Saturday September 22 @ 5pm
  • High Intermediate ESL Class
    Wednesday Afternoons, Starts Wednesday September 25 @ 1:15pm

ESL Classes With Some Bible Content:

  • Bridges
    Every Sunday Morning @ 11am
  • ESL Book Study: Robinson Crusoe
    Tuesday Afternoons, Starts Tuesday October 1 @ 1:15pm
  • Friends in English (Women's ESL Class)
    Thursday Mornings, Starts Thursday September 26 @ 9:30am
  • Bridges Plus Bible Study
    Saturday Evenings @ 6:30pm

IM Brochure Fall 2019.pdf

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