Russell & Carly

Russell and Carly are an ordinary couple attempting to do something extraordinary with your help.

Over 2100 languages do not have access to the Good News. It is among these people that they hope to work. In partnership with Foothills Alliance and their sending organization, they want to plant indigenous, self-sustaining believers to restore hope through an opportunity to know Christ. Currently they are studying language and culture in Asia Pacific and have begun to work and live among a group to bring the message of Hope for the first time.

They have 2 boys (5 and 4) who love all things that go vroom! They are often playing cars and building (then knocking) down things!

The task of sharing the gospel and building a community of believers cannot be done by an individual. Rather it is by the Body working together accomplish His purpose. We are all in this together and it is a privilege it is to serve alongside one another.