We believe that Foothills & parents need to work as partners to help our kids grow to Know God, Love Others, Reach Neighbours and Serve the World. What happens at Extreme Kids on weekends is a catalyst for parents to have God-centered teachable moments and conversations at home. Our commitment is to offer programs that spiritually nurture kids (infants to gr 6), while parents attend weekend services and to provide parents with resources to help them in the journey of helping kids Know God, Love Others, Reach Neighbours and Serve the World.

New here? That's great! Check out our FAQ below for all you need to know about your kids at Foothills.


Where do I register my child(ren)?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to register your child at the Children's Visitor Check-In Desk. You can find us down the hall to the left of our main doors. Every child is entered into our Check-In system and given a badge that matches your parent card with an assigned number. A volunteer will walk you through registration and help you figure out where to find your child's classroom!

How do I know my child(ren) will be safe?

Our highest priority is the safety of our children. Every child is signed in and out of their classroom, and pickup is only completed when the corresponding parent/guardian number is confirmed. In all classes, parents/guardians are welcome to come and meet the lead teacher and other volunteers running your child's class. All of our volunteers are screened, including police checks and references, and are well trained to create a fun, nurturing space for your child.

What will my child(ren) do?

We offer age-appropriate, fun programs for infants to gr 6. At each level, children learn about the bible through story, scripture memorization, games and music.

My children want to stay together. Can they?

Our programming is designed to be engaging and age-specific. While we understand that coming to a new place can be frightening, we ask that each child attends the class that's designed for them. In all classes parents are welcome to help their child get settled.

Where does the Extreme Kids offering go?

We believe in teaching our kids the importance of giving our gifts to God - including our money! We support two sponsor children with the offering collected each week: one in Cambodia through Place of Rescue, and one through Compassion Canada.

Foothills Alliance — Children's Area Map
Foothills Alliance: Children's Area Map

Children's Area Map Legend

  1. 0-2 Years Old (Infants)
  2. 0-2 Years Old (Walkers)
  3. 2 Year Olds
  4. 3 Year Olds
  5. 4 Year Olds
  6. Kindergarten & Grade 1
  7. Grades 2-3
  8. Grades 4-6 meeting place
  9. Stairs to the Attic - Grades 4-6 classroom