It is our privilege to pray for you. Fill out the form below to submit a prayer request. Your request will be prayed for by our staff and the Foothills prayer chain.



At some time or another, everyone needs a little help. Are you facing a difficult season of life? Maybe we can help:


Our pastors are ready to listen! Whatever your circumstance we'd be honoured to pray with you and help you choose practical next steps, which may include a referral to a licensed counsellor or other community resources. Click here to request an appointment with one of our pastors.


A change in circumstances can create very practical problems for people and their families. There may be a way for us to work with you during a difficult time to develop an action plan that will lead to hope and stability. If you would like to talk to someone about your situation, please contact the church office at 403.241.9777 or click here to book an appointment.


A hospital stay, a period of rehabilitation or extended care can be scary and lonely for the patient and their loved ones. No one wants to walk through it alone. We have a team of volunteers who are honoured to visit and provide support. Please contact Pastor Roland via email or by calling 403.241.9777 x298.

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