REALM It's Here

What is REALM?

REALM is a ministry tool that will help us communicate to our whole Foothills Family - think like the Family Fridge Calendar! From our survey a few months ago, we heard that many were feeling disconnected, and we're convinced that REALM is a valuable tool to help us reduce this and connect with each other as a Family better.

How do I get started on REALM?

For the month of September you can sign yourself up on Realm!

Click here on any Saturday/Sunday starting Sat Sep 7 to find the Sign Up page. Please note that it is best for you to sign up via a browser on your phone or other device BEFORE downloading the app.

Otherwise, click here to request an invite to REALM

Steps to Setting Up Your Account

  1. Click on the link in the email invitation from REALM
  2. Follow the instructions in a browser (not the app!)
  3. Download the app
Please note that Internet Explorer is not compatible with REALM. We recommend Firefox or Chrome.

Tap Here on your iPhone to download Realm Connect for iPhone

Tap Here on your Android Phone to download Realm Connect for Android

Additional FAQ

Your personal privacy is important to us! We still adhere to the Alberta Protection of Privacy Act for non-profits, and we do not provide the personal information of our Foothills Family or visitors to anyone.

REALM is the same database we have been using for years, just new and improved! This means that YOU now have access to your information and YOU control who sees it. Foothills Admin staff will continue to have the same access to the database as before, and only the information that is important for our jobs. (i.e. only the Accounting Team has access to your giving info).

If you choose, you can share your contact info with group leaders (think your small group leader, your kids' youth leaders, etc), or other people on REALM — but your information never leaves REALM. Your information is always protected by your password. The security REALM uses is the highest possible security available: it's the same security measures that banks use!

Click here for a short video on REALM's Privacy Policy.

Click here for a copy of REALM's Privacy Policy.

Click here for instructions on editing your Privacy Settings (REALM login required).

To log into REALM, each person needs an individual identifier. REALM does this by using emails. If you and your spouse share an account, we can't be sure if it's the husband or the wife who's signed up for the Women's Prayer Team! Please help our staff by ensuring you have your own separate account in REALM.

When you get your REALM invite, pay attention to the name on the invite — if you previously shared an email address with your spouse, REALM has dropped that email for one person, but kept it for the other. Here's how to fix that:

  1. Click on the link in the invite to open it in your browser
  2. Set up your account according to the person identified in the invite
  3. From there, you can edit your family's information INCLUDING your spouse's email
  4. Edit your spouse's email with a unique email address
  5. Email us and we'll send your spouse an invite so they can set up their own account

If you want communication from us via REALM to go to a shared email address, you can do that! Just set your 'Preferred Contact Email' as the same email address on both accounts.

Need some help? Here's a help link that teaches you how to edit your profile information (once you've logged into REALM).

REALM has opened up some doors for us to make it easier for you to give to what we're doing together at Foothills, including Text giving and recurring giving!

We're still working on rolling all of that out, but for now you can click here to give online now, or tap "Give" in the REALM Connect App!

Having trouble navigating REALM? Log in using a browser and click on the "?" symbol in the top right corner for a fully loaded help section!

Need help getting set up, or can't find your answer in the help section? Send us a note on our Contact Page!