20/20 Vision: Check the Owner's Manual First

20/20 Vision:

1. Check the Owner's Manual First

Speaker: Pastor Ian Trigg

Date(s): Sat, Nov 2nd 2019; Sun, Nov 3rd 2019


2 Tim. 3:10-17


I'm excited about this weekend, and not just for the obvious reason that we get an extra hour of sleep!

We're introducing "The 2020 Project", which we believe can change our lives if embraced.

I don't want to give it away now, but here's a hint!

It's based on the truth of Psalm 119:105 — a verse those of us who grew up in Sunday School would have memorized.

You will hear us unpack this project over the next three weekends, answering the questions: why, what and how?

This weekend we'll look at the "why", which is the pivotal question behind the entire project. Once we know why we ought to do something, the "how we do it" becomes less daunting.

So, enjoy the extra hour of sleep (if you come on Sunday), and let's gather to worship the King and connect with his people and embrace his truth.

This friends, is the recipe for an awesome weekend!

Be blessed!

Pastor Ian

Nov 2-3 2019 - I Can See Clearly Now.pdf

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