20/20 Vision: How to Read the Bible

20/20 Vision:

3. How to Read the Bible

Speaker: Ian Trigg - Lead Pastor

Date(s): Sat, Nov 16th 2019; Sun, Nov 17th 2019


Psalm 119


I love these words from N.T. Wright: "It's a big book, full of big stories with big characters. They have big ideas and make big mistakes. It's about God and greed and grace; about life, lust, laughter and loneliness. It's about birth, beginnings and betrayal; about siblings, squabbles and sex; about power, prayer and prison and passion — and that's only Genesis."

We're often left with this question, though: how do we read this great and grand book that's filled with mystery, wonder, intrigue and truth? Anchoring ourselves in the majestic Psalm 119, we'll find some practical truths to help us both read the book and hear from God. It will be an inspiring weekend, and I can't wait to be together!

Have a blessed weekend!

Pastor Ian

Nov 16-17 2019 - How To Read The Bible.pdf

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