20/20 Vision: I Can See Clearly Now

20/20 Vision:

2. I Can See Clearly Now

Speaker: Carla Olsen Draper - Women's Ministry Pastor

Date(s): Sat, Nov 9th 2019; Sun, Nov 10th 2019


Here at Foothills, we often describe ourselves as "people of the book". But what does that mean? Our answer to that question must be rooted in a careful understanding of what this book — the Bible — is.

This compilation of 66 books contains writings unlike any other text, finding its origin in God's breath and human hands. Scripted long ago and far away, the Bible still speaks to us here and now. The Bible is a sacred gift. Its deepest value lies beyond the written text, in the one from whom it came, and the one to whom it leads. This week let's explore the Bible together, and invite God to give us eyes to see how he reveals himself through his word.

Nov 9-10 2019 - I Can See Clearly Now.pdf

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