The Father Heart of God: Facing the Storms in Life

The Father Heart of God:

2. Facing the Storms in Life

Speaker: Nick Kennedy - Student Ministries Pastor

Date(s): Sat, Jan 11th 2020; Sun, Jan 12th 2020


Matthew 7:24-29


Have you heard people ask the question, "Isn't the Bible just a big rule book?" I know I have, and typically I want to disprove that claim. But what about embracing it — could that be an option as well? How does the nature of rules and obedience affect the way we view relationships and friendships? I look forward to seeing you all this weekend to share with you what God has placed on my heart. I am praying that God would speak powerfully to you.

Blessings to you, Foothills family,

Nick, Student Ministries Pastor

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