The Father Heart of God: It all Begins with God

The Father Heart of God:

1. It all Begins with God

Speaker: Rebecca Schnell - Worship Arts Director

Date(s): Sat, Jan 4th 2020; Sun, Jan 5th 2020


Psalm 1


My favourite tree is the weeping willow. They're mysterious and other worldly to me. Those sinewy vines with abundant leaves that drape a canopy long enough to touch the ground are enchanting. Weeping willows grow incredibly fast. Their root systems are aggressive, seeking out the nearest and largest source of water. Water provides moisture and carries nutrients the tree needs to be sustained. Like these trees, if we'll tap into it, there's a sustaining source for us. It strengthens, nourishes and helps us grow; God's words. This weekend we'll dive into Psalm 1, where people who delight in God's Law are compared to trees that grow along a riverbank.

The 2020 Project that launched on January 1st is one way that together, as God's people, we can grow in our delight and appetite for God's written and living word. I hope you start the year right and be here this weekend!

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