The Father Heart of God: The Persistent Love of God

The Father Heart of God:

4. The Persistent Love of God

Speaker: Ian Trigg - Lead Pastor

Date(s): Sat, Jan 25th 2020; Sun, Jan 26th 2020


Proverbs 3:1-10


Trust issues. Who doesn't have them?! Whether it's with a boss, teacher, child or parent, we all occasionally find ourselves in a place where it seems terribly hard to trust someone. Somehow, we usually find ways to navigate those concerns. But how do we respond when the one we are struggling to trust is God himself? Does he really see, know, care or intervene? Or does he sometimes appear strangely silent, unconcerned or unable to step into our stories? Does trusting him really make a difference or is that just church-speak kind of language? Brennan Manning wrote this about trust: "Unbounded trust in the merciful love of the redeeming God deals a mortal blow to skepticism, cynicism, self-condemnation and despair." If you're familiar with any of those unpleasant realities, or if you want to avoid them in your life, join us this weekend. Together, we'll explore what it means to trust God in the journey of life with all its complexities. From some of Solomon's most beloved words in Proverbs 3, we will delve into the realm of trust and it will be good for our souls!

See you on the weekend! Be blessed!


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